Meaningful Camp with Ethan Kobayashi-hsieh

Join us on a journey of this immersive weekend experience with an active self-transformation method TIAMAT led by its founder Ethan who comes here all the way from Singapour. Camp is held in a beautiful spacious cottage with several rooms with beds and 2 bathrooms and everything you need. Located in the middle of Czechia in a cottage called Chalupa Podhora. Full board is included as well as a hot tub in a beautiful spacious cottage in the middle of Czechia. (19-21.4. 2024 for TIAMAT 1 and 19-26.4. 2024 for TIAMAT Advanced)

Who is Ethan?

Ethan Kobayashi-hsieh is an Artistic Director at 5ToMidnight International. Ethan Kobayashi-Hsieh is working at the intersection between actor training, cognitive science, and post-Jungian psychoanalysis. Ethan has been actively developing a performance practice called The Integrative Approach and Methodology of Active Transformation (TIAMAT) through practice-as-research and conducting workshops across Asia. TIAMAT works on leveraging performance practice to ameliorate self-deceptive tendencies and promote dynamic, self-organizing, sapiential processing. Ethan is an Associate Lecturer in Drama and Performance Practice at Shelton College International and an organizing member of the Respond Network of Wisdom practitioners. Ethan is also working for the Vervaeke Foundation.


TIAMAT is an ecology of practices, founded in a theatrical performance that leverages 4(+2)E cognitive science to strengthen cognitive mechanics integral to the cultivation of flow, insight, and wisdom to afford conscious self-transformation. TIAMAT has more levels as you advance with your skills and you can sign up for TIER 1 for 3 days (Friday to Sunday) or TIER 1 that will lead to TIER 2 in a bundle for 7 days (Friday to Friday). As a participant, you will be learning to cultivate:

  • Metacognition: Mind-Mind

Monitor and self-regulate emotion and behavior in a context-sensitive manner that affords rationality

  • Somatic Awareness: Mind-Body

Notice and identify causal patterns between subjective experiences e.g., thought, sensation, emotion

  • Transjective Rationality: Mind-World

Promote cognitive flexibility between perspectives in concert with a
social environment

  • Enactive Imaginality: Mind-Self

Consciously restructure cognition through deliberate engagement with the imaginal.

Sessions will emphasize the cultivation of fluency in the ecology of these practices. The goal being that you can be an autonomous practitioner of TIAMAT and to promote integration in daily life. During the two days, you can expect to receive a comprehensive experience with TIAMAT in the context of pastoral care and transformational coaching.

Topics throughout the camp
  • Meaning in Life
  • Communication
  • Transcendence
  • Collective Intelligence
  • Movement and Improvisation
  • Perspective shifts
  • Camp is held in a beautiful spacious cottage with several rooms and beds and 2 bathrooms and everything you need. Located in the middle of Czechia in a cottage called Chalupa Podhora.
  • A limited number of participants (14), for reservation, click here, and for any information write us here brainyawe@gmail.com

Included in camp

Full board included in the price and the camp could be also regarded as a gastro experience as we have an amazing experience with the conscious kitchen by Nicol Franc who delivers delicious vegetarian food.


We´ll all be in a cozy amazing cottage located in the middle of Czechia – There are several rooms with beds, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, a public space, and a garden.

There is a hot tub by the cottage!


  • TIER 1 TIAMAT for 3 days from Friday morning to Sunday evening – 1st wave up until 31.12. is 9900czk (400 EUR) then the price increases by 50 EUR
  • TIER 2 TIAMAT (only for those who have already been to TIER 1) from Monday to Friday 1st wave up until 31.12 is for 15 700czk (640 EUR) then the price increases by 50EUR.
  • TIAMAT BUNDLE (TIER 1 + TIER 2) Friday to Friday with for 24 900czk (1000 EUR)
  • RESERVE YOUR SPOT FOR TIER 1 and BUNDLE and to RESERVE A SPOT for just TIER 2 write us here: brainyawe@gmail.com

The TIER 1 camp is on
19.4-21.4. of April 2024
You can reserve your spot here
Price on Sale: 9900,-
(400 EUR) for TIAMAT TIER 1 up until 31.12.
10 900,- (450 EUR) after 31.12.
For TIER 2 and international payments please write us on brainyawe@gmail.com


It’s hard to describe in words what happened at the Meaningful Camp…
During those two days, Ethan presented us with the tools to better integrate body, mind and soul. It was a huge dose of useful information and practices that I intended to incorporate into my life when I returned from camp. However, I had no idea that the change would start happening so quickly. All of these exercises we did together opened something in me, something I had not been able to notice before.
When I returned to my space after the camp, emotions bubbled to the surface. I realized that a mirror had been placed in front of me during those two days so that I could take a deeper look at what I had buried deep inside myself many years ago and had lost access to that part. All of the techniques I learned, and all of the conversations I was participating in during the weekend, allowed me to take a closer look at the deep-rooted pain within me and release a part of it. It was such a cleansing experience. That was not easy at all, but truly transformational.
I went to the camp without any specific expectations… I gained better access to my emotions, the opportunity to share stories and meaningful time with like-minded people, and oh my god, the start of a beautiful friendship with one of the participants. I feel like I won a lottery ticket. Thank you guys, from the bottom of my heart, for creating a space to experience such a valuable moment!
– Monika participant of TIER 1 camp.

In speaking about my subjective experiences from an objective point of view, a safe distance is created for myself to heal, to rest, to plan and execute life. It is fruitful to practice objectifying the subjective senses to come to a sense of potential truth and then communicating that to a present group. […] By listening to these objectified thoughts and feelings we are able to latch on to them subjectively and are once again freed to emote, react and respond to the individuals on a subjective level, creating a space for empathy and authentic connection in a group.

[Physical activities] framed with an ethos of interrelationality/intersubjectivity and the insights to inter-dependence cultivated via the mmindfulness and loving-kindness practices, brings the awareness of the emergent dynamics with others and myself into relationship. This mindful ‘bringing into relationship’ allows me to not only tap into my inner wisdom, but also makes whatever insight that arises relationally present and significant by tapping into the collective wisdom of the group. The emergent meaning is alive with the present and relationships in the space, and therefore authentic to self as well as congruent to the context.


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